Youtube Vlogging: Shameless Plug and Tips!

I like to talk at cameras. I’m not crazy, I swear! . . . .Ok, maybe a little. But I’m a Youtuber. I have been since 2007ish, though I’ve only posted on and off since then on various accounts. I love everything to do about it. I like watching small channels grow, like Hank and John Green’s channel the Vlogbrothers. I like coming up with silly rants and editing them into something coherent. Though I haven’t vlogged in a while because my computer has decided not to read my camera, I thought I could at least give some tips.

1. Have a camera.

Whether it’s a web cam or a Canon Ti bajillion, it doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be able to record. In fact, I saw people at Vidcon filming with their camera phones.

2. Have good audio.

Again, it doesn’t have to be amazing, but you should be able to hear yourself clearly. Even if you aren’t vlogging, if you’re just making a random video, it’s good to have good audio or sound effects. It can really help the quality of your video even if your visual isn’t that good.

3. Don’t have a boring background. 

If you’re vlogging one of the most distracting things for me is if someone is filming in front of a white wall. Unless it’s a digital white wall and horrifyingly bright (which people tend to do) it just doesn’t look as professional and I don’t feel I can relate to you as well. Film in front of a book shelf or with a bedroom in the background.

4. Get good lighting

This is one that I haven’t really worked on in my own videos purely because I’m in college and don’t have the room for the box lights a lot of people use. Others get work lights from Home Depot, but you really only need to buy lights like these if you plan on being a vampire. A lot of vloggers just film during the day with their windows open, or they’ll go outside and film. This is probably the easiest and cheapest solution.

5. Find vlogger friends.

This will really help build your channel. I swear some of the only reasons I ever found some of the Youtubers I watch regularly is because they collaborated with other Youtubers. It helps you gain an audience because if they see you in someone else’s video and decide you’re funny, or cute, or whatever, you’ll have a new subscriber.

6. Set up a schedule, if you’re a schedule person.

This one is optional, though Youtube LOVES when people upload on schedules. It’s basically a promise to your subscribers that you’re going to upload on certain days and if you stick to it, they’ll trust you enough to keep coming back. Plus, it helps you be less stressed out about your channel because you have it all planned out. But, if you’re not a schedule person, it’s not necessary. Some of my favorite Youtubers have no schedule, but upload when they feel they have good content. Which can be great because they sometimes seem to have perfected their videos, they can appear better because they’ve given themselves enough time to edit or re-film what they felt was wrong. Again, it’s a preference issue.

7. Have fun with it.

For a lot of people, this is just a hobby. They have no intention of turning it into a job, and that works. It can be a really fun process. It can also be very time consuming, but as long as you’re enjoying it, the time flies by. You can get quite a few friends from vlogging, so if you’re finding you’re having trouble, contact them. They will help. And if you’re running out of ideas, pose the question to your subscribers, ask what they want to see next from you. Read a book and review it, or review a videogame, go out and destroy one of those Wreck This Journal things, it’ll fuel your creative ideas. Do what interests you, it’s a just a vlog, have fun with it, develop your voice and get out there!

Good luck and get filming!

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photo credit: Buzz South Africa


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