Library Thoughts

As I sit in my school’s largest library during the first week of their classes, I can’t help but wonder what the library will look like when I study abroad.

Libraries are my favorite places. They make me feel the most at home. Just knowing that I can walk up to any bookshelf and find a new adventure and great characters gives me comfort. I also love the little nooks and crannies in libraries. It’s always fun to find a “secret” spot and claim it as your own. The less people you see, the better the spot. I personally hate being disturbed when I read, so places like this serve as mini-get-aways. And if you’re too tired to study, they can serve as rest areas. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve caught sleeping in or around my favorite spots. Libraries are just that cozy. I mean, the desks are hard, but once you get over that, it’s like a home away from home.

So, while their recycling cans may not have the same catchy phrase and you might not find the librarian surfing Facebook, I know that studying abroad won’t be as bad along as there’s a library and books to dive into. . . and maybe a desk or two to sleep on.


photo credit: Pennington Public Library


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