Radio Silence

I have been quiet on this blog for a while now. I just haven’t been able to find the time to write. Or. . . well. . . actually, I’ve been pretty speechless for the last few months. I’m just now getting to process it.

You see, I just got back from my semester in Manchester, England. My grades were horrible. In fact, I’m skipping out on the final exams because there’s no way I can write two 4000 word essays within a weekend. As much as I believe in my ablity to write essays, I don’t think I’d have the time and it wouldn’t be coherent. I would have had the excess month just to dedicate to writing each of them, except for the fact that I was studying abroad which means you have to have a month of travel after you finish the semester. So, bottom line, there was no time for that.

Encouraged to have a lower GPA in my second to last semester at ASU, I decided to really just take in all of the sights and sounds. There was amazing things everywhere. I had haggis. I found a gay bar. I went to a silent disco. I saw Stonehenge and the Globe Theatre. I rode the rollercoaster with the world record for the most upside-down loops in the world. I got to see my mom try to navigate English streets. So, basically, my experience was amazing and I came away with hundreds of stories that I’ve caught myself using to brag about my experience.

So, even though I did horribly academically, people, while I was in the middle of it, kept telling me that it wasn’t about the grades. I only understood this phrase once I got back. And I think my entire college experience, when I look back on it, is going to be the same kind of thing. I mean, I’ve done well overall, but when I remember it, I’m going to remember going to an art walk and meeting my boyfriend. I’m going to remember all those nights my friends and I spent at IHop before they made it something else. I’m going to remember the GIANT pizza I got that was also used in Breaking Bad. And I have even more stories to share from my college experience.

So, to anyone asking if college is worth it, yes. Absolutely yes. Sure, debt is a thing, but so are the experiences you get in a college setting. As I fill out my application for graduation I keep looking back on these things and hoping that the next chapter in my life, though a few months away, is going to be just as crazy and exciting as the rollercoaster I just got off of.


photo credit: Ryan Cales


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