How to Make a Gyro

The best food comes from little hole-in-the-wall shops. Places that have so much food on their menu that it has to wrap around the walls tend to have the food I gravitate toward. Take, for example, the gyro.

The gyro has many iterations. Many different restaurants have tried to recreate this Greek dish with their western ingredients. As a result, they put in on a tortilla, or throw too many onions in, which takes over the flavor of everything else. They put an excess of veggies, but this isn’t how this dish is traditionally made. Gyros should be mountains of meat on top of a pita. One or two slices of tomato and just a couple of strings of onion will give it all the flavor it needs. Put it on a bed of lettuce and drizzle it in tzatziki sauce and you’ve got yourself a gyro to be proud of. I don’t need anything else, but I do enjoy when you get suprised when I order two, because it should be too much food for one person. Oh, and if you really need a little western flavor on there, sprinkle some cheddar cheese all over the top of it.


photo credit: Wally’s Gyro and Subs


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