Pushing Buttons

So, today ends my 22 year streak of never dropping and damaging my phone. One of the two built-in buttons is unusable which sucks because I liked using that button . . . apparently. There’s no more disappointing a feeling than reaching for something out of habit and having that thing not work like it’s supposed to.  So, like I normally do in times of need, I turned to the internet. And what did I find, you ask? I found a plethora of articles featuring an on-screen button that does the exact same thing my poor, broken button used to do. I made that button accessible, because I had to. I couldn’t just not have my missing button. I NEEDED that on-screen replacement, as far as I was concerned.

Fast forward to later this evening:

This on-screen button, though useful, is the most annoying thing. It HAS to be on screen at all times. So, while I navigate my other apps, it just sits there, in the corner. . . waiting. Of course, I accidentally press it from time to time because I’ve placed it where I would normally scroll or hit a submit button. So, I’m constantly moving the little thing to keep it out of my way as I unintentionally put it in the way of another app’s key touching area.

Also, this button brings up a bunch of mini-menus. So I can decide whether I need to turn my volume up or down, turn off my phone, or use it’s ever so helpful flashlight app. This is great. . . . when I don’t accidentally push the button and suddenly a very bright light shines from the back of my phone like I’m trying to tunnel my way directly down and out of the movie theatre I happen to be sitting in at the time. It’s too bad this phone doesn’t come with an “I’m sorry” app, because I could use that while I figure out how my alternative to the broken button works.

I’m going to get a new phone when I graduate. I’m also going to get a more sturdy case so this nonsense doesn’t have to happen again.


photo credit: My Gaming


One thought on “Pushing Buttons

  1. And here I am having used a cell phone for so little time that I didn’t even get a chance to drop it.
    I’m wondering about that 22 year streak though. When were cell phones invented again? ^^

    The story reminds me of my keyboard. Never had anything but a Cherry G81-3000. I think it was the fourth that I recently returned because of appaling quality. Years ago I used to replace noisy keys with ones from older versions. And now I am back to using the very first one from >20 years ago, which has the best quality of them all. I had replaced it because of a broken AltGr key, so now writing things like @ or € requires me to press Ctrl+Alt and a letter.
    It’s sad when a 20 years old keyboard still has better quality than a brand new one.

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