One Direction, Two Direction

Zayn Malik has, according to news sources decided to split from his world famous band One Direction. Now, a lot of people may say, “Why write about that? I’d care more about a boy down the street losing a nickel than I’d care about this! So, why are you shoving it back into my face?” Well, to be honest, I don’t quite know.

I have never listened to One Direction. They’re music is poppy and uninspiring to me. So, yes, I’d normally care more about that nickel. But, here’s why Zayn’s leaving is important.

The band started out on a TV show called X Factor. They joined the show as separate entities entirely. It was only over the course of the show, when one of the judges voiced his opinion that they would make a good boy band that they decided to merge together and form this band called One Direction. Because they were taking their five directions and making it one. The guys wanted fame.

Fast forward to 2015, and they have all the fame and recognition they wanted. They’ve acted as a group to get where they are now and I don’t think they ever intended to always stay together. I think this is just the beginning of One Direction breaking off into their original 5 directions.


photo credit: Clique Talk


One thought on “One Direction, Two Direction

  1. I hope they didn’t kid themselves about the natural development of a band. It’s music business, ego-driven, career-focused. Just a matter of time before people want to go their own way, especially when they have gained the support to pull it off.
    As long as people are open about such things, pain and drama can be avoided. Sadly, I have seen the dark side of many things/people, and the dark side of young musicians can be especially bad.

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