Ok, So, E3, Is it a Competition?


Every year, E3 is treated like a competition by fans. This is where the console wars are decided from year to year. Xbox, Playstation, and my personal favorite, Nintendo duke it out on the E3 stage to see who is the most liked of the year. This year, there were some strong competitors, indeed. However, only one can come out the victor.

I haven’t see much excitement around anything Microsoft is planning to put out yet. So, we’re just going to set that aside for now. The battle isn’t quite over yet, so they still have a chance to pull through.

Playstation catered very much to the players that have been anticipating things for years. They announced that they’re remaking Final Fantasy 7 (which has always been heralded as one of the best of the franchise). I’d be excited for this if I had played it as a kid, but also if I didn’t already know that this is the Station’s answer to Nintendo pumping out Zelda remakes. They know remakes will sell well. They also know that making a new Kingdom Hearts will have fans in that checkout line. Again, I’ve never played Kingdom Hearts, but I’ve always enjoyed the art style and people say the games are amazing, so it’s on my list. The Last Guardian finally getting a release date was pretty amazing too, if they stick to it. That said, the single game that might just sell me a PS4 is going to be Shenmue 3. My boyfriend has always loved the original, having played it on his Dreamcast back in the day. Recently he and I have been working through its sequel. Needless to say, we’re both excited to play a game of Lucky Hit in a next gen setting.

Nintendo usually sparks a lot of hype in me. Last year, I was ecstatic about Splatoon, their new IP. I was hoping to see something that stirred the same emotions in me, but alas, I have not. Nintendo has these small videos they show to people that have their consoles every once in a while called Nintendo Directs. In these videos, they give you updates about new games and things they have in the works. I think these videos are the very reason I wasn’t as excited about Nintendo this year. They already unveiled most of what they had to say at E3 on these Nintendo Directs. That said, I’m fairly excited about Yoshi’s Wooly World and its amiibo. I’m also looking forward to Animal Crossing Happy Home Designers as well as Animal Crossing Amiibofest. But to be honest, the best thing about Nintendo this year was that they crowned a new World Champion, John Numbers. In the world championships 16 players dwindle down to one champion by playing Nintendo games spanning 30 years. They were not told which games to expect and the final game, the deciding factor of who would win, was a very intense demo of the new Super Mario Maker. In the end, both Cosmo, a speedrunner, and John Numbers received New Nintendo 3DS’s signed by Miyamoto as well as being allowed to shake the man’s hand. Numbers received a Mario statuette and to be honest, for me, this was the most exciting part of E3. Granted, I wasn’t rooting for John Numbers to win, I was rooting for Arin Hanson, aka Egoraptor, but I was so caught up in watching how each of the rounds played out that I completely zoned out of the fact that I was in the middle of doing chores. If you can make me completely forget what I’m doing, then you’re pretty good in my book.

If E3 truly is a competition and each company is catering to the games players want to play, then hands down, Playstation won this year. They knew exactly what to say they were about to release to have fans screaming bloody murder. However, if this is a game about creating the best show for an audience, Nintendo takes the cake for me. New games are amazing, but resurrecting a 30 year old competition is probably one of the most exciting things I’ve witnessed out of Nintendo in a while.

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photo credit: Lincoln Lion Tales


2 thoughts on “Ok, So, E3, Is it a Competition?

  1. The only game console I ever possessed was an NES. If I ever get another one, it’ll be whatever Nintendo’s newest model is then. Fist I gotta sort out some basics so that I have the serenity for doing such a thing. Especially with >100 unplayed games in my Steam library, hah.
    I wanna get the lack of worries and immense playfulness of my childhood back, but can’t quite connect as much and often as I want to.

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