The Gameboy Obsession


I have a confession.

I love Gameboy games.

True, Gameboys are basically miniature, portable black and white NES’s, but I love them and I just recently realized it. What sparked my recent interest was a little game called Kirby’s Pinball Land. I bought it for 3 bucks at a local used book store (they also sell used games).

Those three bucks were very well spent! I played the game for a week trying to beat the previous owner’s scores. His scores are too high, though, because I still haven’t beaten even his lowest score and it’s been a couple of weeks. Eventually, though, I started wondering what other great games I could get for my gameboy in that 5 dollar and under bin. So, I went back.

That weekend I bought 8 Gameboy and Gameboy Color games. I hadn’t heard of any of the games previously, but they were cheap and I wanted to see if I could find a gem like Kirby’s Pinball. The first one I played was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back From the Sewers. I had no hopes for this one, because it was a licensed game, but the title sequence came up, declaring that it was made by Konami. This gave me hope. Konami hasn’t been known to make many bad games. The opening sequence was really well animated for a Gameboy game and the music psyched me up to play it. I an hour later, I was half way through the game and frustrated because I couldn’t beat the boss I was up against. But I didn’t care, I kept playing because I loved it.

Next, I played Mr. Nutz. I’ll admit that I bought this game thinking it was Conker’s Pocket Tales. But it wasn’t, it was Mr. Nutz. That said, it’s like any other platformer. You’re a squirrel and you’re trying to stop Mr. Blizzard (ie Winter) from coming. It’s adorable and just a fun little platformer.

With these and other great Gameboy Games under my belt, I found myself routinely revisiting this used bookstore and scanning their Gameboy section. I also went on a hunt for my old Berry Gameboy Color, with no luck. I turned our house upside down before remembering that I had given it to a cousin a few years ago thinking that my SP was going to fulfil my love for Gameboy forever. I was wrong. I NEEDED that Gameboy Color. These games were made to be played without a backlight. So, I went back to the bookstore.

I performed my routine browse of the Gameboy section and spotted a couple of used Gameboy Advances. One of them being the Target model. I promised myself that the next time I saw a Berry Gameboy Color that I would buy it on the spot, for nostalgia reasons. I turned to leave the store with a copy of Metal Gear: Ghost Babel in my hand and I bumped into a store clerk that was about to put the exact Gameboy Color that I had wanted on the shelf. I asked if I could take it and he said sure. So, I left the store that day with what I would later tell myself was my old Gameboy Color. A 2.0, if you will. I found out later that of the entire Gameboy line up, the Color has the best battery life, ranging to about 30 hours of gameplay before dying, which I can honestly say is true. I have had my Gameboy for a couple of weeks and I’m still on the first set of batteries I put in it.

I’ve since decided that I want to collect for Gameboy because it’s cheap right now and it’s a lot of fun.


Photo credit: Wesearp


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