The Nintendo Switch: Basically My Dream Console

There aren’t many video games that I play for long periods of time, especially within the first week of release. But I have been excited for the new Zelda since it was announced back in 2015. For the first time, I also followed every rumor or new announcement Nintendo put out about their new console. I was watching Youtubers I hadn’t even heard of speculate about what the NX might be and it was consuming my entire day. I couldn’t focus on anything but this thing that didn’t have an official name yet.

Last October, I stayed up all night because Nintendo put out a tweet saying they were going to unveil the NX at 7am on their official website. I raced to my computer at 6:55 and started refreshing the page. The website was down already. It wasn’t until 7:20am that I got my first glimpse at the system. The site was still crashed, but I could see pictures, the first promo pictures of the new system, which I gleaned from the new address of the website, The Nintendo Switch.

It was a handheld, but also a home console. A hybrid. It sounded like a dream. As primarily a handheld gamer, this was something I knew I was going to want right out of the gate. Back when I first got my Gameboy Advance, I remember wondering why the version of SSX Tricky I had on the GBA wasn’t the same as the Gamecube version. I hated that I coudn’t at least play the same stages. And ever since, Nintendo has put out two versions of the same game, the handheld  (watered down) version and the home console experience.

Along comes the Switch. Basically, my dream console. I can play it at home on the big tv, or I can take it with me wherever I want to go. It’s brilliant.

So far, there hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t at least turned the system on and tried out a new game. There have been days where I want to play the Breath of the Wild and my boyfriend wants to watch Youtube on the big TV. So, I’ll play while I sit next to him on the couch. There have also been nights where I’m just not tired enough to go to sleep, so I bring the Switch with me to bed. I can play with the pro controller or I can play with the joycons at my sides. I love all of the options this console provides.

I can’t express how much I love this console. I knew that the only way I might be let down by this console is if it didn’t perform its main gimmick well, the switching, and it does it marvelously. I can’t recommend it enough.


One thought on “The Nintendo Switch: Basically My Dream Console

  1. Haha, so they interpeted the small marketing blunder of the Wii U as a demand signal and turned it into an actual thing.
    No surprise it took until now. Mobile gaming devices needed to reach the computing power to run stationary-quality games. And it being Nintendo with main focus on gameplay experience instead of high-def graphics, bridging the gap is even easier.

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